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        WCC-87 flame retardant epoxy resin casting compound is a new specific chemical industrial materials for capacitor,composed of composite low viscosity epoxy resin as base resin,is added various modifiers.It has excellent operative processing properties,meeting the requirements of casting metallized film capacitor and other small part and component by domestic,hand-made,and import equipment.Its main properties indexes can reach the properties indexes of EX 661(Sanyou resin Co.,Ltd) and XN 1226(Ciba Co.,Ltd).
      This compound has the following characteristics:
      ⑴Excellent processing properties,low viscosity.
      ⑵Long pot life.At 35℃,35g compounds(A+B),the duration of time finishing the mixing to the viscosity becoming twice as much as origin—Pot life is more than 3.5hr.
      ⑶Low curing temperature,bright surface.
      ⑷Good mechanical,electrical,and thermal properties.
      ⑸Low toxicity.
      ⑹Good flame resistance,in keeping with the technical requirements stated in UL-94 on V-1 grade.
      ⑺Two—package compound ,facilities for use,long shelf life.
      1.Liquid characterstics before curing Table 1
      No. Item Indexes
      1 Appearance A Pure black viscous liquid
      B Yellow-brown liquid
      A+B Black viscous liquid
      2 Viscosity(40℃,mPa.s) A 4000-10000
      B 25-45
      A+B 400-1000
      3 Density(25℃,g/cm3) A 1.60-1.70
      B 1.19-1.21
      A+B 1.30-1.60
      4 Gelation time(150℃,S) (A+B)* 140
       *(A+B): A:B=100:30(W/W)

      2.Cured product characteristics Table 2
      No. Item Index
      1 Water absorption (23℃,24 hr,%) ≤0.18
      2 Flexural strength(Mpa) ≥65
      3 Volume resistivity(25℃ ohm-m) ≥1013
      4 Surface resistivity(25℃,ohm) ≥1013
      5 Dielectric strength(23℃,KV/mm) ≥20
      6 Dielectric constant(25℃,1mHz) ≤4.3
      7 Volume shrinkage(%) ≤1
      8 Dissipation factor(25℃,1mHz,%) ≤2
      9 Coefficient of linear expansion(1/℃) ≤60×10-6
      10 Glass transition temperature(℃) ≥80
      11 Flame resistance FV-1
      3.The technological curve for WCC-87 flame retardant epoxy resin casting compound.
      ⑴The relationship between temperature and viscosity of major agent.

      ⑵The viscosisty curve for mixture of major agent and curing agent at 25℃.

      ⑶The reactionary exothermal peak curve for mixture of major agent and curing agent.(100g)
      4.Usage process
      ⑴Before using,major agent is heated to 55℃,sufficiently stirred,in order that partial precipitate is dispersed into resin.
      ⑵Vacuum deaerate for 1h to remove bubble.
      ⑶Casting:Adjust the measure to appropriate,as soon as perform the casting operation.
      ⑷Curing:Curring carry out under given curing condition,open fan for heater,to internal temperature is homogeneous.
      5.Application note
      ⑴After every time usage operation finish,all appliance should be cleaned using acetone or alcohol,which contacted with resin.
      ⑵Remainder in using major agent and curing agent(not mixed) should closely lidded with cover.
      ⑶Operation environment should pay attention to keep dry and ventilate.
      This product is a non-flammable,non-explosive,and non-corrosive goods.Flash point(COC)is more than 100℃.
      ⑷Storage:At 25℃ dry place for 1 year.
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