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        WCC-5217 model is a flame retardant epoxy resin potting compound composed of polymer resin,phosphonus fire-retardant,modified fillers,additives and curing agents etc.It is an ideal substitute for Hitachi Kasai K.K.’s KE-5217(M)(S) model,is suited for potting Fly Back Transformers of TV sets,various electronic and electric components by hand-made and/or automatic continuous potting.
      This compound has the following characteristics:
      ⑴Low viscosity,good impregnation to coils.
      ⑵Not contains halide and stibide,has self-quenching properties,non-corrosive to coils.
      ⑶Excellent arc resistance and tracking resistance.
      ⑷long shelf life of product,good application properties(long pot life).
      1.Technical specification of WCC-5217
      Item Package WCC-5217 WCC-5217(M) Test method
      Appearance A radish brown radish brown by the eye
      B light yellow clear liquid by the eye
      Density (g/cm3)25℃ A 1.62-1.70 1.62-1.69 GB1033-70
      B 1.20 1.20 GB1033-70
      Viscosity (mPa.S)40℃ A 10000-20000 10000-20000 GB2794-81
      B 20-45 20-45 GB2794-81
      A+B 400-800 400-800 GB2794-81
      Ratio A/B(Wt.) 100:30 100:28  
      Pot life (300g 33℃ h) > 4 > 5 NDJ-79 model Viscosimeter
      Gelation time (150℃)S 120-180 200-260 LY234-83
      Curing condition ℃/h 75℃/2.5h+
      2.Typical properties of cured compound for the WCC-5217
      Item WCC-5217 WCC-5217(M) Test method
      Heat distortion temperature ℃ 100±5 95±5 GB1634-79
      Hardness(Shore-D) 90±5 90±5 GB2411-80
      Glass transtion temperature ℃ ≥95 ≥90 TMA method
      Flexural strength(kg/cm2) 800 850 GB1042-79
      Volume resistivity(ohm-m)25℃ ≥1013 ≥1013 GB1410-78
      Sulface resistivity(ohm-r)25℃ ≥1014 ≥1014 GB1410-78
      Dielectric contant(1mHz 25℃) 4.0 4.1 GB1409-78
      Dielectric loss tangent(%)1mHz25℃ 0.8-1.2 1.0-1.3 GB1409-78
      Dielectric strength(KV/mm)25℃ ≥25 ≥25 GB1408-78
      Volume shrinkage(%) 0.5 0.5 JB3961-85
      Thermal decompose temperature ℃ > 240 > 240 DSC method
      Water absorptivity(%) 23℃ 24hr ≤0.15 ≤0.15 GB1034-86
      Arc resistance(25℃ 12.5KV,S) > 180 > 180 GB1411-78
      Flame-retardancy FV-0 FV-0 GB4609-84
      Linear expansion(Tg,1/℃) ≤45×10-6 ≤45×10-6 GB1036-70
      3.WCC-5217 WCC-5217(M) A+B  mixed material’s temperature-viscosity relationship curve
      WCC-5217 WCC-5217(M) The relationship between temperature and viscosity of major agent(A package)

      WCC-5217 WCC-5217(M) Isothermal curve of A+B mixed material

      WCC-5217 WCC-5217(M) The relationship between curing agent-viscosity

      WCC-5217 WCC-5217(M)
      Exothermal peak curve of A+B mixed material(200g)

        4.Usage process
      Before potting,package Aand B of the WCC-5217 model must respectively vacuum deaearated,then should be mixed by high speed stirring.WCC-5217(M) is suitable for deaearated potting process or hand-made potting process after package A and B are mixed.
      ⑴Component A:vacuum deaearate with stirring for 4-6 h at 60℃±5℃ and 1-3 mmHg of absolute pressure;
      Component B:vacuum deaearate with stirring for 3-4 h at 35-40℃ and 1-3 mmHg of absolute pressure.
      ⑵Adjust the ratio of component A and component B after vacuum deaearation to 100:30(WCC-5217) and to 100:28 (WCC-5217(M))(by weight)respectively.
      ⑶Preheat the devices to be potted at 90-100℃ for 2-6 h.
      ⑷Put the devices preheated into a vacuum casting-potting machine and wherein perform the potting operation at 5-8 mmHg pressure.
      ⑸Put the potted devices into a curing oven and where in cure them under given curing condition.
      5.Application note:
      ⑴The fillers in component A stocked for long time tend to precipitate,therefore it must pay attention to homogeneously agitate before use.
      ⑵The curing agent tend to crystallize at low temperature in winter,it must heat them to 70-80℃ in the use (fully solubilized),having no influence on quality.
      ⑶The curing agents very easy to absorpt humidity tend to form precipitate which can reduce the shelf-life and have influence upon quality.It must be used up as soon as possible,if once it is unsealed,and pay attention to closely cover the rest.
      Storage:25℃ in a dry place for 1 year.
      As ordinary chemicals,because no fire-and explosion-hazardous.
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