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      WCC-5203A  is a flame retardant epoxy resin potting compound for fly-back transformer of colour TV sets.The product is a two-package potting compounds composed of flame retardant epoxy resin and acid anhydride curing agent etc. may be design and supplied in terms of customer’s requirements at home and abroad.It has similar technical properties and application procedures to the flame retardant epoxy resin casting compound KE-5203 issue from Japan’s Hitachi Kasai K.K.,and appropriate to use on introduce line from elsewhere of fly-transformer of colour TV sets for automatic and continuous vacuum casting-potting.
      This compound has the following characteristics:
      ⑴Curing time is shorter.Total curing time only is 5 hours.
      ⑵Low viscosity,good impregnation to coils.
      ⑶Smaller dielectric constant.Excellent electrical properties.
      ⑷Excellent flame retardant property arrived at V-0 grade determined by the standard UL-94.
      ⑸Without any corrosion on polyester enameied wire,potted product has higher reliability.
      Mixing ratio and curing condition:
      Type WCC-5203A
      Major agent(Epoxy resin) 5203A
      Curing agent(Anhydrides) 5203B
      Mixing ratio(by weight) A 100
      B 30
      Curing condition ℃/h 75/2.5+0.5h rising temp.+105/2.5h
      Typical properties of WCC-5203A before curing:
      Item Package Unit WCC-5203A Test Method
      Appearance     White By the eye
      Viscosity A 40℃ mpa.s 1.1-1.5×104 GB2791-81
        B 40℃ mpa.s 20-25 Idem
        A+B 40℃ mpa.s 450-700 Idem
      Density A 25℃ g/cm3 1.60-1.80 GB1033-86
        B 25℃ g/cm3 1.10-1.30 Idem
      Gelation time 150℃,s 120-160 LY234-83
      Pot life* 35℃,h >4  
      *with double initial viscosity
      WCC-5203 A package viscosity characteristic:

      Fig.1 The relationship between temperature and viscosity of the A package.

      WCC-5203 B package viscosity characteristic:

      Fig.2 The relationship between temperature and viscosity of the B package.
      WCC-5203 A exothermal indication curve:

      Fig.3 Exothermal Indication Curve of WCC-5203 A

      Typical properties of cured compound for the WCC-5203A
      Technical Specification of the WCC-5203A cured compound
      Item Condition Unit WCC-5203A Test Method
      Hardness 25℃ Shore-D 90 GB2411-80
      Volume resistivity 25℃ ohm-m 4.5×1013 GB1410-78
      Volume resistivity 100℃ ohm-m 2.0×1012 GB1410-78
      Dieledtric Constant 25℃   ≤3.8 GB1409-78
      Dieledtric Constant 100℃   ≤4.2 GB1409-78
      Dielectric loss tangent 25℃ % 0.7-0.9 GB1409-78
      Dielectric loss tangent 100℃ % 1.1-1.2 GB1409-78
      Dielectric Strength 25℃ KV/mm >25 GB1408-78
      Arc resistance 25℃ 12.5KV,s >120 GB1411-78
      HDT   ≥105 GB1634-79
      Tg   ≥108 TMA Method
      Linear Expansion Tg mm/mm/℃ 4.5×10-5 GB1036-70
      Flexural Strength 23℃ Mpa ≥81 GB1042-79
      Flexural Modulus 23℃ Mpa 6620 GB9341-88
      Tensile Strength 23℃ Mpa ≥49 GB1040-79
      Thermal Conductivity   Cal/cm ℃ s 9.0×10-4 GB3399-82
      Impact Strength   KJ/m2 ≥13 GB1043-79
      Thermal Decompose Temp.   >250 DSC Method
      Surface Resistivity 25℃ Ω ≥1014 GB1410-78
      Water Absorptivity 23℃ 24h % <0.1 GB1034-86
      Flame-retardancy UL 94   V-0 GB4609-84
      Wet resistance of The WCC-5203 A
      Boiling test characteristic:
      Item   Unit WCC-5203A
      Volume Resistivity Initial value ohm-m 4.5×1013
      After boiling* ohm-m 2.0×1012
      Dielectric Constant ε 1MHz Initial value   3.8
      After boiling   4.2
      Dielectric loss   1MHz tangent δ Initial value % 0.8
      After boiling % 1.2
      *Boiling Condition:After 100℃ boiling water/4h+ running water immerse / 16h,the data may be determined.
      Safety of the WCC-5203A
        Major components Safety
      WCC-5203A Epoxy resin, Fillers, Flame –retardant,Additives Slightly irritating to the skin
      WCC-5203B Anhydride,Acceleratot Certainly irritating to the skin
      A+B   Slightly irritation
      Storage condition:
      At storage,no opening package drum.Should storage at lower than 35℃, approximately 70% RH,avoid light and ventilate,and must keep these materials far away from the fire source.Storage time do not go beyond range of 0.5-1 year.
      Usage Process:
      Before casting-potting,package A and package B of the WCC-5203 A must respectively vacuum deaerated,should be mixed.The casting-potting operation of the material can perform after mixing and re-deaerating.Recommend usage process as follows:
      1.Component A:vacuum deaerate with stirring for 4-6h at 60℃±5℃ and 1-3 mmHg of absolute pressure;
      Component B:vacuum deaerate with stirring for 3-4h at 38-40℃ and 1-3mmHg of absolute pressure;
      2.Adjust the ratio of component A and Component B after vacuum deaeration to 100:30(by weight);
      3.Preheat the devices to be cast-potted at 90-100℃ for 2h;
      4.Put the devices preheated into a vacuum casting-potting machine and wherein perform the casting-potting operation at 5-8 mmHg of pressure;
      5.Put the cast-potted devices into a curing oven and wherein cure them under given curing condition;
      6.Above process may be adjust with according to various vacuum casting-potting machine.
      Application note:
      1.The fillers of component A stocked for long tend to precipitate,therefore it must pay attention to homogeneously agitate before use.
      2.The curing agent tend to crystallize at low temperature in winter,it must heat them to 70-80℃ in the use(fully solubilized),having no influence on quality.
      3.The curing agents very easy to absorpt humidity tend to form precipitate which can reduce the shelf-life and have influence upon quality.It must be used up as soon as possible,if once it is unsealed,and pay attention to closely cover the rest.
      As ordinary chemicals,because no fire-and explosion-hazardous.
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